Fault Diagnostics - Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier

There are two parties interested in testing a LLU line, the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) who is still responsible for the cooper line to the customers premises and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who is supplying the Broadband element. It is in the interests of the ILEC to prove the fault off the network and back to the ISP and it is in the interests of the ISP to prove the fault onto the ILEC. As the ILEC is likely to face fines from the regulator (payable to the ISP) if it fails to find and fix the fault within certain timescales many have adopted automated Test Access Switches to allow quick and accurate fault diagnostics.

Infrastructure Ownership:

The ILEC is still responsible for the copper line to the customers premises and is responsible for repairing any faults on the line. This includes the connections up to and from the Handover frame.

The handover frame provides the in and out connections to the ISPs equipment. The equipment may be a single rack or a bay of equipment depending on how many customers are using thier service. The ownership still stops and starts at the handover rack.


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ILEC Infrastructure Ownership