Local Loop Unbundling Test Solutions


Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) Testing

The Test Access Matrix (TAM) is inserted in series with the copper line. It has to be within the ILECs ownership path and normal practice has been to install it between the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and the Handover Distribution Frame (HDF).

A new concept has been introduced by one of the leading TAM suppliers where the access is incorporated and forms part of the Handover Frame. This saves on additional wiring and with co-operation both parties could have access to it for testing.

The diagram shows the TAM mounted between MDF and HDF and the link to the Test Head.

For a detailed description on how ILEC Testing works click here

ILEC Testing


Internet Service Provider (ISP) Testing

The ISP can place TAM into its own area, it can be rack mounted or DSLAM specific. In this scenario the testing equipment would be owned by the ISP and only they could access the equipment and carry out tests.

It is feasible to have both TAMs in place with testing being carried out seperately by both the ILEC and ISP.

For a detailed description on how ISP Testing works click here

Internet Service Provider Testing